Dobiebowl Football Trophy

The grand prize! What you're all here to win! This most coveted of awards, the Dobiebowl Football FUN pool Trophy. The player with the most number of correctly picked NFL football games in the regular season, post season, and the Superbowl, will have their username etched into immortality on the trophy's surface and will have it mailed it them by yours truly (free of charge.) When a new winner is crowned, the years previous winner will then relinquish the trophy so that the new winner's name may be etched in. That player will then keep the trophy until the winner of the following year takes the mantle and so on. (All S&H charges to be covered by Dobie.) Run-offs will be determined by the player who guessed closest to the total games scores. This means the more you play, the better chance you have to bring this beauty home!!!

And that's not all... Tune in this Thanksgiving for the Turkeybowl Championship prize (to be determined) for the player to correctly pick the most number of the 3 games being played (tie breakers determined by closest Total Score for the day.) Also, pick a perfect week, win an official Dobiebowl Perfectomundo Keychain!