Jags vs. Texans 10-14-07
Several players actually combust when first setting foot on the field.
Remember the Boselli Burger from Mickey-D's? That sign's the same size as one!
Here's the fly-over, 1 pilot, late, and approaching atta 45 degree angle...
Straighten out and fly right...
Rev those jets why don'tcha?
Now off to find some Teyh-rists
Looks bigger on the jumbo-tron
Big stop at the 1! Fumbled through the end-zone, it's Jags ball!
Jackson-de-ville fresh after his Garrard reception
A Big run for the little guy. Dreeeeeeew!
On the big screen, 32 bows after his TD
77 Run-back for a TD! Way 2 go D!
David, Freddy, and Maurice convo late in the 4th. The consensus? Dinner's at the Texas Roadhouse!
Hate Hummers - Love Jags fans. *shrugs* Aw Hell, good win, Go Jags!!!