Jags vs. Bucs 10-28-07
That's how you grill a Buc-Burger!
Thanks for the coolio cooler Sis!
Hi Stadium
emily's a Jag in dangerous territory.
Nice butt, um.. Mr. Spackler?
Jags represent!
More Teal
Ye Olde Woman's Restroom
3:30 by the ship for Pics... at least that's what the message board said.
Sure, why not?
Ghost Pirate will eat your child!
Ye Olde Wench & Ye Olde Pimp
Nice sword handling!
Yay, Face Painting!
Youth of America
Just keepin' it Teal Baby
"Mmmm Cheeleaders.", "Mmmm Player Butt's."
Ship pic #1
Ship pic #2
Ship pic #3 (With blimp)
Ship pic #4 (Squawk!)
J'ville Represents!
Jaguar Halloween!!!
Not really Freddy
Hey Guys! You can DO IT!
Jolly Roger's cousin Jolly Earl
Damn those cannon's were loud
That's better
Fly over
Not as loud as in Jax
Right over head
Steelers 24 Bengals 13... now we can enjoy the game!
Free Agent
Mr. T
Mr. T Hecklers
Ye New Pimp
Halloween Jag!
Dunno what he flashed for those
Love the Sunday night Lights!!!
Hold defense...Hooooold
A little too close for comfort
Defense stands up!
Jones-Drew is the Man of Steel!
Bye Stadium.
Taking out his agressions on ducks, and I can't blame him.