The 2009 Dobiebowl Champion!!!

Having gone all season long without even knowing what he was playing for, jblalock persisted to the top. Culminating in an epic playoff battle with jutsman (of Juts Power fame) to ultimately take home the glory. Then he waited the entire off season and through the preseason for his prize. Here's what he won...

( And here's what he saw all season :)

The 2008 Dobiebowl Champions!!!

In honor of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, the Dobiebowl 08-09 season awarded three Dobiebowl Medallions to the top three Dobiebowlers; a Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze. Here are the winners:

It's no coincindence that all three winners are parents of mine.. football runs deep in the family ;) Think you can break the strong hold of the elder Dobiebowlers? It's your season to try!

The 2007 Dobiebowl Champion!!!

Smseigle once again displays her prize, the priceless Dobiebowl Mug of Excellence! Along with her past spoils, the Dobiebowl Bobblehead of Champions! and a Dobiebowl Perfectomundo keychain! Though her methodology has been well scrutinized, it has been determined conclusively that Bill Belichick did not share with her the results of that 'hand-signal' tape he took of the Jets. So open a flaggon of the good stuff and down it in this classy football shaped vessel! Be on notice Dobiebowlers, this one's looking for the Trifecta!


The 2006 Dobiebowl Champion!!!

DrSuess49er, bartender extraordinaire, knows her beer mugs. Thus, it is fitting that the Dobiebowl Stein of Grandeur find its home in her bar, and I'm not making this up, The Court of Heroes! After being in contention for two years running, her persistence has finally paid off. Now it's back to memorizing '9ers stats and yelling at Jets fans. So, let's all kick back a Jäger Bomb for the Champion, and desperately find a way to best her in '07-08 'cause she's coming for you... all of you!!!



The 2005 Dobiebowl Champion!!!

Smseigle proudly displays her prize, the priceless Dobiebowl Bobble-Head of Champions! No one yet has discovered her secret to victory over the ever present Daddio (Hi Dad) who still claims he'd have a fightin' chance if he'd picked that first Thursday game back in September. A reminder to those eagerly anticipating the '06-07 season of the Dobiebowl, don't sleep through those early games and always get your picks in early! The Ultimate Congrats to you Smseigle! Feel a sense of quiet dignity every time you reach out to poke this thing in the face. May it jiggle in triumphant victory for you and your family for generations to come! Ah, Bobbleheads!



The 2004 Dobiebowl Champion!!!

Slim holds aloft the historic first Dobie Bowl championship trophy, the mighty Dobiebowl Football Chalice! Notice the glow of victory, the utter joy of accomplishment, the thrill that can only be achieved through a golden statuette affixed to a beer can! Think you can follow in the Slimmer's fortunate footsteps? Or is this the beginning of a new Dynasty?